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Carrie Schmitt

A Thousand Reincarnations Original Art

A Thousand Reincarnations Original Art

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"I will not live in fear. A thousand reincarnations live inside me." These are the words I heard as I painted this piece.

Can you trust the reincarnations that live inside you when you experience the end or death of a version of yourself that ultimately leads to your own re-birth?

The painting took 4 months to create. The woman emerged after a multitude of layers, prayers, and mark-making. She represents hope, transformation, possibility, unexpected gifts, miracles, and the divine creative feminine. 

This painting is my homage to slow creation. There is beauty in that which takes time that cannot be attained by rushing through the process of becoming.

Appreciate the beauty of slow transformations. She is a reminder that vastness takes time.

48x72 inches.

Please note: Shipping is free when canvas is unstretched and rolled. This is recommended to protect the large canvas.

If you would like to ship it stretched, we can calculate cost after purchase which is based on your location.

Local pickup available option as well if you live in the Seattle area.



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