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Carrie Schmitt

Car Wrap Design

Car Wrap Design

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 (This is for the digital design a car wrap company will use to wrap your car. It is NOT the physical car wrap. That is printed by the company using the image I provide.)

My artwork can be wrapped on almost any car.

1.     Before purchasing a digital image from me, find a local car wrap company who will print the wrap and apply it to your car. I suggest a Google search. Some companies are better than others so you might want to check reviews or ask for referrals from past customers. You might also want to compare prices and services of multiple companies in your area.

 2.     Once you have received an estimate from the car wrap company and are ready to proceed, contact me to purchase the design you would like to use. Currently my car wrap designs are $500. (This is subject to change at any time.)

3.     Upon receiving payment, I will send a high res digital image to your car wrap dealer.

4.     Sometimes car wrap companies will mock up designs for you so that you can see what the car will look like before it is wrapped. I am happy to send a few images to them to mock up (if you want options) after you purchase a design.

Please note: The design you purchase is for one car wrap only and is not to be used for any additional products or purposes. I retain the copyright to the image.

You can view my designs here:

Watch my friend Wendy’s YouTube tutorial about her car wrap experience:

PLEASE NOTE: This is NON REFUNDABLE even if you change your mind and do not have the car wrapped.

This is a non-exclusive purchase, meaning the same image can be sold for other customers as well to use on their vehicles.


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