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Carrie Schmitt

Little Goddess: You Are Divine

Little Goddess: You Are Divine

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Comfy t-shirt.


I created this shirt for my daughter and for all girls with the message that they are divine and worthy of love and respect. I hope to instill this in my daughter so she can carry this mantra in her heart as she navigates through a world that often bombards us with negative messaging.

From facilitating art retreats over the years, I am shocked (and yet not shocked at all) by how harshly the women judge and criticize themselves and their art. This type of self violence is debilitating and hurtful. My hope is a younger generation of women will be told often by their elders and wise women that they are divine and sacred.


Dear Little Goddess,

My hope is that we all know we are worthy of love, and we always remember our divinity. My wish is that you never forget yours.

I also hope this t-shirt is a reminder of your own sacredness, and feel empowered and blessed when you wear it.


What is Stay Divine?

Stay Divine is my mantra.

When I walked away from art in my teens and twenties, I forgot my self worth.

Creating has always been a direct link to the sacred for me. When I abandoned that, all hell broke loose in my life. Lots of bad decision making and experiences.

When I began painting again in my early 30s, I remembered my sacred self. My life became joyful and healthy again.

When I forgot my own divinity, my life became difficult and full of suffering.

From leading many art retreats over the years, I see many women also suffering from crippling self doubt and harsh self-criticism.

I've experienced personally and witnessed in others that when we create, we connect to the divine that is within and around us.

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